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Программа для лечения эпилепсии (англоязычный вариант)

There are some anticonvulsants from Pharmaceutical company that provide treatment for all types of seizures and all forms of epilepsy. However, there are numerous other pharmaceutical companies in the world offering a greater number of analogues to these medications under other names.

Competition between pharmaceutical companies is ending on a doctor, who picks one concrete analogue from many alternatives and prescribes his professional opinion.

Mild and comforting brainwashing of doctors is carried out by pharmaceutical companies with the well known traditional methods. Companies periodically conduct actions among practicing doctors.

If the action was successful, the temporary increase in sales follows. But sales will decrease after the analogical action of a competitor or after visit to doctor by the medical representative of a competing company.

Does Pharmaceutical company have a chance to break out from a spiral of growing expenses on traditional promotion of medications?

Thе free distribution of Neuropharm to doctors will become a break from competition. Neuropharm is a decision support software system for choice of medication.

  1. Benefit for a doctor from Neuropharm: this software considerably facilitates his work at treatment, including epilepsy and concomitant pathology.

  2. Benefit for Pharmaceutical company from Neuropharm: this software induces a doctor to prescribe medicines of company.

There is information in database of Neuropharm about the effects and actions anticonvulsants, their combinations and some others medications of Pharmaceutical company.

System Distribution

Distribution of Neuropharm will be carried out by the sales representatives of Pharmaceutical company and through Web site. Neuropharm’s download web page can be available via link published on Company’s web site or on web sites of partners and distributors. The account of the use of Neuropharm will be carried out by means of its activating by the doctors.

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